Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Doppler Effect

The Doppler Effect is a six-piece Pop Rock band from New Hartford, New York. They are about to release their new EP titled "Just Dance!" in early March 2009. I recently Downloaded this EP, and i can say that it is mind blowing, the best piece of pop punk iv heard all year, and to come from such a small band its brilliant. There CD release show is supporting We The Kings, There For Tomorrow and Versa Emerge! Not a bad way to release your CD, They dont just drop were with the impressive list, this band has supported such artists as Mayday Parade, You Me And Everyone We Know and I Am The Avalanche. There new cd is a must have when it comes out in march, the soft vacals are a great match with the dancy pop punk music, Each song offers you something different and they dont all sound the same its simply brilliant, you need to check this band out before they break through into the scene.....

The Doppler Effect
For Fans Of; We The Kings, There For Tomorrow, All Time Low

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Forever Wednesday

Iv been listning to "Forever Wednesday" now for a while and still havnt got to see them live so i cant comment on that which is a shame, hopefully i will be able to soon. These guize write some of the biggest and catchiest new sounds, the sound has a happy yet still emotional feel to it which will always leaves you wanting more. The powerful vocals from lead singer Sam King are crazy, there beat always makes want to dance especially in the song "Katherine" some points in the song the beat is just perfect for a two step, then they will just come out with powerfull vocals making you want to sing along. Doing a mini tour of 3 days in march with thier good friends "LYU" who are amazing too, i advise you to check them out and get down to one of these shows as you will not regret it. Their self-titled debut EP, produced by Jason Wilcock (Enter Shikari, Fightstar, You Me at 6, Rueben and Ghost of a thousand) is one that you should be buying yourself! "Watching You Fall Apart" is the song i recommend mostly its a song to have on your myspace so people can ask you who and were to find this band out, such a promosing you band for the future.

Forever Wednesday;

for fans of; Bury Tomorrow, We Are The Ocean, Mayday Parade

Friday, 13 February 2009


this Powerpop indie group from wolverhampton are a fantastic find, i found them as they commented me on myspace and as i went to comment them back i found myself trapped in the song "Honey" the beautiful vocals make them sound that much better. With merch from just £6 and getting a free 5 track EP with every purchase i can asure you its money well spent, there not your average pop punk, which is good in a way because there writing music that they love and is there own sound, not like most bands just wanting to be the next all time low or boys like girls. This band remind me alot like Cartels second album in a way, it is a pop punk feel but you can tell a lot of hard work has gone into writing the music so it doesnt sound like everything out there, with only hitting up 70,000+ plays on myspace you should listen to this band while thier luke warm because in a few years these boys will be steaming hot and selling out venues across the UK, playing a few gigs upuntil may supporting Frech pop rockers Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! If you live in the Birmingham area i suggest you get down and see them, or even if you dont get down and see them, i'll be praying they get to leeds sometime soon so i can chill with these guize and find out about them, excellent find, so glad they just commented me.

for fans of; Cartel, This Providence, The Maine

She Said She Said

recommened by a friend i decided to take a look at this band, at first i thought hmm there pretty small, but as there player got going the song problems really caught my attention, it has a very good sound to it, a bit like boys like girl only more upbeat and catchier. That May be a strong statment but thats what i thought while i was listning "Its A Long Drop From The Top" is a little slower but yet still lives up to the hype of the first song, i'll be keeping a close eye on this band who seem to struggle to get gigs outside of Kidderminster and Birmingham, they are set to release a debut EP soon so keep your eyes open for this new band and go check them out and help support the small bands

She Siad She Said;

for fans of; Boys Like Girls, The Audition, We The Kings

The Fallout Theory

The Fallout Theory are a band that would be labeled pop punk / emo, i would say thats fair but they offer alot more that just that, thier songs are original and full of heartfealt lyrics. Thier song "Dont Show Up Perfect" is a piece of music genius, the upbeat tempo drives my heart crazy and has me tapping the beat on my knees while i try write this blog. The boys at the moment are working ther arses of trying to perfect there songs in practice to get them just perfect for a hopeful tour this summer, dont quote me on this but aint they best friends with dan scotty hmm i smell an amazing few weeks of music there, they should also be heading into the studio late september so expect big things from this band this year, after touring brazzzzzil anything could happen for these young talented lads and im just hoping they get it because i have both thier CDs and altho they first one is weak in vocals the second one is much much better, "The New Face Of Fashion" is a must have in your record collection and i predict there new one will be too

The Fallout Theory;

for fans of; Boys Like Girls, Cartel, We The Kings

Asking Alexandria

Asking Alexandria are a hard hitting band, there hardcore edge is met with a catchy yet melodic sound, the boys are set to release there debut album in 09 and they have been on tour recently to leave the mark on the music scene, and boy have they dont that, hitting around 6,000+ plays a say on there myspace and its not hard to see why with songs like "A Single Moment Of Sincerity" there vocals are strong and sound so proffesional, yet another band that will take your breath away, Asking Alexandria are my fav UK hardcore band about at the moment andi hope to be seeing them soon

Asking Alexandria;

for fans of; Confide, Oceana, Here I Come Falling

The Story So Far

i typed into myspace "the story so far" and heres what came up Displaying 1-10 of 335 results for The Story So Far, WOW, as you can tell they are alot of bands around called "The Story So Far" But only this Pop Punk five-piece from Cardiff, Wales are worth mentioning, there upbeat tempo and ludacris lyrics are what makes me fall in love with them, i love the bands style they can play great pop punk music and still create an fantastic acoutic sound, its not hard to tell why when they have such great vocals coming from Nathan Hurley, There new song on there myspace is one of the ebst fresh tracks iv heard of '09 and even '08, its amazing tempo keeps me singing the song all day, its easy to remember and will be rining in your head, weather the song "I Didnt Slap You I Hi Fived Your Face" is good or bad you cant help but sing it all the time, and i like that about them, i may say this all the time to my friends but these are my new fav band at this time, go check them out as soon as you can

The Story So Far;
for fans of; Fleeing From Finales, All Time Low, You Me At Six

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Save Your Breath

Save Your Breath is a 5 piece pop-punk outfit from Newport, South Wales. They've recently signed to Fleabitten Records, supported such bands as Set Your Goals!, No Trigger, and Chaos Days. These set of lads are a force to be reckoned with, you can pre order there new EP "Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy" now over on there myspace, its set to be released on march the 9th for only £4, Plus they do a kick arse cover of a sugababes song <3>

Save Your Breath
for fans of; Fireworks, Bangarang, The Wonder Years

The Bigger Lights

Whenever i listen too The Bigger Lights, this huge smile comes across my face, They self-produced and recorded thier EP "Third Act Stories" was released in November of 2007 and was a massive hit across the internet. Thier second EP "Fiction Fever" is as beautiful as they come, they are a fairly new band to the scene so just give them until the end of '09 and i swear everyone will be singing thier songs. The group signed with indie powerhouse Doghouse Records (The All-American Rejects, Say Anything, Jet Lag Gemini) in the summer of 2008, less than one year after forming.

The Bigger Lights
for fans of; Capital Lights, The Summer Set, Cash Cash

Dan Scotty

You may have seen this boy if your from the uk, repping ot up on channel 4 not too long back, he made it through to the semi-finals and to be honest he should of won, his song "Say Goodbye" that he performed with friends the fallout theory was fantastic, iv been listning to him for quite some time now and he doesnt seem to be moving much further to fame, but he deserves it, if you all just took time to go listen to this electro-singing emo machince im sure you'll fall in love with him like i did

Dan Scotty
for fans of; JamisonParker, The Black and White City, 5 Days Ahead

The Friday Night Boys

The Friday Night Boys are a pop punk band from Virginia. I Love this band for their upbeat sound, catchy music, and creative lyrics. Lead vocalist Andrew Goldstein was involved with the band My Favorite Highway but left the group to pursue working with The Friday Night Boys. Signed by Fueled By Ramen this band will have a bright future with there guidence, and being best friends with all time low wont do them any harm pulling a crowd, Released 2 EP's in the past, with a few songs on both of the records, i reccomed you to go out and buy "That's What She Said" i swear you'll love it

The Friday Night Boys
for fans of; My Favorite Highway, The Maine And All Time Low

Fight Fair

Fight Fair is a 5 piece Pop-Punk Band from San Diego, California. They are signed to Triple Crown Records in the USA and In N Out Records in Japan. They have just re-released there 8 song EP (with 3 brand new tracks!) nationally through Triple Crown in november. "POP ROCKS" is the song you guize need to listen to on this record its brilliant in every way, also "Brain freeze" is the song you will be singing all summer long, fantastic band

Fight Fair
for fans of; Valencia, Fireworks, The Wonder Years

A Day To Remember

This is about "A Day To Remember" i guess, But i mainly wanted it to be about thier brand new record HOMESICK yes i downloaded this like last month, sorry guize its what i do lol, but i fell in love with this as soon as i put it on "The Downfall Of Us All" is a fantastic start to the album its a half a song for me , its too short to be a song but too long for an intro, perfection would be another word for it, 2 more songs i want to cover "I'M Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?"(ft. Mike Hranica of The Devil Wears Prada) this songs chorus is amazing, has me sining the lyrics every second of the day when i here it just once but whose compliaing when it sounds that good eh?, and the other song is "If It Means A Lot To You" (ft. Sierra Kusterbeck of VersaEmerge) this song is beautiful, really shows off jeremys great vocals and the fact that the boy can sing, also Sierras voice perfectly matchs the song, and at the end of the song when it all kicks in a bit, i get butterflys everytime. Nothing else to say except this album is a massive 5STAR 10/10 Record

A Day To Remember;
for fans of; The Devil Wears Prada, Four Year Strong, A Skylit Drive

Cash Cash

Powerpop group previously named "The Consequence" from Roseland, New Jersey. This band has me dancing from the first song to the last, i love the electric sound that they make, There record "Take It To The Floor" is fantastic, the album is perfect all the way through ands whats not too love with songs like "Party In Your Bedroom" and "Electric Hearts, you'll be singing along to this band even if you dont know the lyrics the tune will be running through your head all day every day, Im Gunna be heading of to the bamboozle festival in may to see these gorgeous kids and i'll make sure i'll post about there live set, but for now check out there myspace

Cash Cash;
for fans of; Forever the Sickest Kids, The Friday Night Boys And The Cab

All Forgotten

so i went to the cockpit the other week to see escape the fate and glamour of the kill, walked in and my friend jake starts to find his groove as one of his fav bands were hitting the stage to open, yea you guessed it All Forgotten, although i didnt go to the gig to see this band i found myself enjoying there performance, front man jonathon thorne really got the crowd eating outta his hands and his vocals were really strong, i quite enjoyed them and found myself checking them out when i got home, there myspace tracks "Fatigue", "At A guess Im Second Best" and "Im Not Bitter This Shows I Care" really left me wanting more of them so i belive in march aslong as hitting the paige me vs hero tour you should check All Forgotten On there tour with Deaf Havana when they hit your town

All Forgotten;
for fans of; Dividing The Line, We Are The Ocean, you me at six

Left Right Good Night

Fresh Outta the studio just recorded a few tracks, hopefully soon to be made into a EP, friends of mine "LEFTRIGHTGOODNIGHT" a pop punk band based in leeds are a band you seriously need to take a look at in the upcoming months, already shared the stage with huge bands from the us "HOUSTON CALLS and FAREWELL" these kids are looking into a light, leading towards a bright future, head over to there myspace to check out there fresh new track "take it or break it"

for fans of; Hit The Lights, Valencia and All Time Low

American Diary

This Fine pop punk band hail from Baltimore, Maryland .... ring any bells, well it should! you ever heard of good charlotte or all time low :) hopefully in 2009 this band can live up to the hype of them two fine bands they sure have the talent, released a record called "Wear It 'Til You Love It" soon to be followed by there brilliant EP "The Brightest Colors" which was then re-released with the massive record "the crush" on it, only hitting over 600,000+ plays on myspace i reccomend you take a listen to this band because i have a feeling they will be massive

American Diary;
for fans of; This Time Next Year, Better Luck Next Time, Hit the Lights

Me Vs Paige

paige are one of the best uk bands about right now and there amazing harmonies and powercords will have your heart is knots, head over too there myspace and check out there brand new song "for better fpr worse"

for fans of; all time low, forever the sickest kids, you me at six

Me Vs Hero;
i love me vs hero because they have too sides to them, a catchy pop punk side, but then they have a very good hardcore side to them too, amazing beat downs will leave you wanting to two step all night long

for fans of; all time low, four year stong, set your goals

Blink 182

okay, for the ones that have not heard yet, BLINK 182 are back together and to many people its the best thing to happen to music as they was truley missed


they was only missed because when they was around they was the only real big pop punk/punk band, they may have been an inspiration too many bands but for me there not, i wish they should just call it a day and hang up there amps, we need to get on with music and try support all the new and brilliant upcoming bands in th UK and US and thats what this blog is gunna be about, im gunna be posting music news and be posting reccomendations for brilliant new bands, so keep checking back


punk goes pop 2

The 8th release in the "Punk Goes" compilation series, Punk Goes Pop 2, will feature popular rock, hardcore, screamo, and punk bands covering chart topping pop songs from artists such as Britney Spears, Sean Kingston, and The Fray!


1. Alesana- "What Goes Around..." by Justin Timberlake

2. Silverstein- "Apologize" by One Republic

3. August Burns Red- "...Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears

4. Mayday Parade- "When I Grow Up" by Pussycat Dolls

5. A Day to Remember- "Over My Head (Cable Car)" by The Fray

6. Escape the Fate- "Smooth" by Santana feat. Rob Thomas

7. There For Tomorrow- "Ice Box" by Omarion

8. Chiodos- "Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger

9. Bayside- "Beautiful Girls" by Sean Kingston

10. Breathe Carolina- "See You Again" by Miley Cyrus

11. The Cab- "Disturbia" by Rihanna

12. A Static Lullaby- "Toxic" by Britney Spears

13. Four Year Strong- "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles

14. Attack Attack!- "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry

check it all out @